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Jooove Soma Restoring Balance Kwansha

銅製金屬刮痧板 (臉部及身體適用)
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This is a beauty tool for stimulating lymphatic drainage, maintaining pH balance and flushing out the “Ama” or toxins.

Kansa is mixture of Copper + Tin.It is believed to be this “healing metal” in India’s ancient tradition and is still widely-used in some treatments and wellness rituals of the legendary medicinal practice of Ayurveda.

The “healing metal” works perfectly on the skin, reaching and activating connective tissues and marmalade points within.Its cooling sensation brings balance to our Pitta dosh by cooling excess heat caused by Pitta therefore restoring balance to our holistic wellness by preventing dosh imbalance.

Kansa Gua Sha helps ease muscle tension, tone our facial structure by de-puffing the skin, increasing collagen production for a firmer and youthful skin, as well as improving healthy blood circulation giving that rosy glow.

It also boosts the immunity for its natural antimicrobial and healing properties supporting our doshic constitution and prana flow.


Do not massage the skin is broken, congested with acne, pimples, is wounded, or if you are healing from any trauma or have a flu.

Your skin may turns grey while using the Kansa Gua Sha, this actually a positive signal of detoxification.The grey colour indicates acidity which is released our to balance your skin’s pH level and cooling excess Pitta inside your body.It can easily be sped off with soft towel / cloth after massage.

Cleaning and Caring:

Wash with soap and polish dry with a soft cloth.

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