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Kansa Organics - Kapha Warming Facial Oil

For Oily Skin
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Net Weight: 15ml

Kansa Organics Kapha facial oil combines Turmeric, Ginger Lily, Cedarwood, and Cinnamon in a base of Organic Sesame oil which makes it the best for the warming sensation it gives. Herbs are extracted using innovative supercritical technology.


  • It stimulates and brings heat to the body.
  • Relieves congestion and stagnation and facilitates lymph flow by promoting healthy energy balance within.
  • Relieves tightness in muscles.
  • Perfect for those with Kapha imbalance, who are concerned with revitalizing, de-puffing, and energizing.
  • Excellent for use as an all-over moisturizer.
  • Specially formulated for your daily facial massage ritual.
  • Promotes healthy energy flow within the system
  • Alleviates congestion and lymph stagnation
  • Revitalizes the skin

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